How ATM’s are attacked and how to stop it from happening

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These are the statistics and the harsh reality of the situation today. At Feerica, we believe we have the solutions to assist in stopping this global problem. We produce high-tech Intelligent Banknote Neutralization Systems (IBNS) for Commercial Banks, IADs, ATM’s and the Cash-In-Transit (CIT) business sector. Since 1982 our approach to the cash protection industry is one of providing solutions to problems.

The Problem
The increasing number of ATM equipment, its geographic spread and the large amounts of cash stored in each machine constitutes a substantial exposure to risk. They are one of the most attractive targets for violent attacks through several methods and techniques which include both physical and logical attacks. 

Physical attacks include the use of gas and solid explosives, drilling, grinding and ram-raids on cash point machines to gain access to the cash contents. Physical attacks have increased in popularity and have evolved over time as the tools needed are easy to come by and are typically performed in regions where there is a low police presence or quick access to escape routes. These type of attacks have been known to happen shortly after ATM’s are serviced or replenished over month-end periods. Criminals often work in collusion with internal bank staff or the CIT custodians performing the cash replenishments and this information is shared unlawfully.

Logical attacks refer to stealing cash from ATM’s using methods which do not physically breach the ATM safe. This method of attack is becoming more popular around the world. It requires less resources as individuals access the IT systems unlawfully to deplete the ATM of its cash contents. 

The Solution
The only effective way to protect ATM’s and cash point machines is by using IBNS technology. Increasing the physical strength of safes housing the ATM’s or further investing in security infrastructure like CCTV, biometrics or physical guarding is not sustainable as criminals simply increase the level of intelligence and violence during their attacks. Many other type technologies have been tried over the years but have not proven to be as effective as IBNS ink during physical and logical attacks. These technologies include passive ink bottles that rupture inconsistently during explosive attacks, glue, foam and anti-cut linings. 

Our range of SmartStain and SmartFence products are precision engineered systems to protect all types of cash in vulnerable situations, be it static or mobile. We ensure complete protection of your cash point terminals from both physical and logical attacks. Our systems use only the best industry approved inks from Swiss ink manufacturer, SICPA and we have the ability to add our own forensic markers to our products. This ensures another layer of protection as these inks cannot be washed off the notes once stained and can be identified successfully during investigations.

In today’s demanding cash industry, complete End-to-End capability is key to ensure the protection of the entire cash cycle. This is where we lead the market as our SmartBag E2E and ON-Smart live web portal provides complete peace of mind with unmatched security, traceability and functionality. 

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