The Cyberlock is an innovative system that easily converts your mechanical lock cylinders into a high security system. With electronic Cyberlock cylinders, programmable CyberKeys and CyberAudit software, you can create a sophisticated and powerful system of track and access control in any installation. No wiring or battery is required at the lock. The power required to open a lock comes from the battery in the key. With more than 200 types of cylinders, this system can be used on doors, locks, containers, lockers, vending machines, etc ... The system can communicate with keys of geographic areas remote from a central location

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CyberAudit Software is the tool that allows you to manage your access control system. The software supports a variety of methods of communication between the key and software, including the use of PDA for programming keys in the field. In accordance with the requirements of the installation, there are 4 types of system 

  • Entry Point: an entry-level hardware-only system; 
  • CyberAudit Lite: Software for small installations, 50 keys / 50 locks; 
  • CyberAudit Pro: Software for mid-sized installations, 500 keys / 500 locks, and 5 comunicators; 
  • CyberAudit Enterprise: A solution that requires professional server and allows the management of 15,000 keys and 15,000 locks 

Main features include:

  • Web-based software (Professional, Enterprise);
  • Schedules per user; 
  • Expiration time for the key; 
  • Master and reset key; 
  • Multiple key mode or delay; 
  • Automatic notification via email of specific events;
  • Audit report of keys and locks by criteria; 
  • Deactivation of lost keys;
  • Remote programming via mobile phone or PDA;  


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