SmartBox TL series was specially designed to comply with the most demanding CIT operations. New TL series state of the art production techniques combined with the latest composite materials results in an unprecedented light weight with high payload capacity product, offering outstanding endurance to hard handling and criminal attacks.

Equipped with high performance SmartStain Ink staining technology, SmartBox can detect any attack and will immediately stain all banknotes inside with 100% of the notes to at least 20% minimum surface area coverage. In addition, SmartBox is designed to offer flexible operation modes allowing for the transportation of; exposed cash or cash inside sealed plastic bags, Retail and ATM cassettes protected with SmartStain in End-to-End operations and can even be utilized as a static or mobile deposit box when fitted with SmartDeposit removable drum.

This unique capability reduces the number of different types of equipment required by CIT, therefore optimizing the space inside CIT vehicles and offering more operational flexibility.




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