The TTR-04.1 compact tripod turnstiles provide a universal access control solution. High throughput capacity of this model enables effective management of even intense pedestrian flows.
A wide range of colour options makes the TTR-04.1 suitable for various indoor applications in offices, banks, exhibition centers, museums, administrative buildings, retail outlets, railway terminals, airports, etc.



The TTR-07 compact tripod turnstile features anti-panic barrier arms automatically falling down by alarm signal or at a power loss, which makes it possible to immediately clear the passageway in emergency situations.
The TTR-07 turnstile with automatic anti-panic folding arms is suitable for indoor application at entrances of commercial, public and industrial organizations providing distant clear of passageway in case of emergency.



TTR-08А all-weather compact tripod turnstile, designed for outdoor use without shelter, is a modern solution for access control. It is fitted with automatic "Anti-panic" folding arms and LED indication. In case of power loss or by a signal from an ACS or emergency button the barrier arm automatically falls down leaving the passage free in emergency situations.
With its modern and elegant design TTR-08A can be used at the entrance points of industrial facilities, offices, business-centres, banks etc.
TTR-08А is made of stainless steel and offers a secure and modern-looking solution for various outdoor and indoor applications.



The TTD-03.2 turnstiles offer an optimal entrance control solution for areas with high pedestrian flow such as entrances to commercial, public and industrial buildings, banks, shopping outlets, transport terminals and the like.
The turnstile can be operated from the remote control panel included in a standard delivery set or a wireless remote control (optionally) and can be easily integrated into most access control systems.



TTD-08А box tripod turnstile for outdoor use without shelter is designed in a modern style and provides a secure, elegant and modern-looking solution for outdoor and indoor applications. The models offer a state-of-the-art solution for entrance points of banks, administrative buildings, business centres and other sites with high requirements or design and comfort.



The WMD-06 motorized swing gate with glass panel for indoor use is an up-market model that offers an elegant solution for entrance points of banks, administrative buildings, business centers and other sites with the highest requirements for design and comfort.
The WMD-06 features a tempered glass swing panel available in two versions: a standard panel (650 mm) or an extended panel (900 mm) for convenient wheel-chair access. In emergency situations the gate with the extended swing panel can be used as an additional emergency exit.



The ST-01 speed gate with swing panels is designed in a modern and elegant style and provides an ideal contactless solution for access control at sites with high aesthetic and comfort requirements.
The number of the passage zones can be increased with STD-01 double-sided section installation. Each double-sided section creates one extra passageway.
The speed gate provides the possibility of proximity card readers’ installation under the glass top cover inside the posts.



The WHD-15 security gates are used to close a passageway. These security gates are designed for access control at places with strict requirements for security.
WHD-15 gates may be used as an independent security solution or they may be combined with other elements of security system. Also these gates may be used as emergency exits, producing an anti-panic function for RTD-15 security turnstiles. The gates are energized with safe 12 V voltage.
The WHD-15 security gates feature a hydraulic closing device that prevents slamming. Little weight of the swing door makes the passage more comfortable for pedestrians.
Gates can be opened remotely, by a signal from security system, as well as with a mechanical key.



The full height rotor turnstile RTD-15 offers a combination of complete closure of passageway, modern design and high throughput performance.
The RTD-15 can be operated from the remote control panel included in a standard delivery set or a wireless remote control (optionally) and can be easily integrated into most access control systems. The operating modes are set up independently for each passage direction.
A number of RTD-15 turnstiles with canopies can be mounted in one row. Special couplings have been designed to provide reliable joining of two or more canopies. This design also allows cable laying through all the top channels of the lined turnstiles, which makes the installation considerably easier.