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FEERICA a la grande ambition d’être proche des ses Clients et une obligation morale de protéger leur investissement en SMARTSTAIN !La continuité de service et la poursuite du développement de la technologie très avancée de ce système, font de SMARTSTAIN la solution leader dans le monde et préférée du marché français ! 

Why do our customers continue investing in SmartStain technology?

Feerica Articles, ATM Protection, CIT Protection

The successful protection of cash in the End-to-End cash cycle is an extremely challenging task due to the vast number of threats being faced daily. These threats on ATM’s and Cash Transporters range from various types of physical attacks to cleverly executed logical attacks. The criminal mind constantly seeks new ways to manipulate and override existing technology implemented by the various banks and CIT’s available today.  The negative socioeconomic impact on remote towns and rural villages from attacks on their ATM’s can be detrimental as residents rely on that availability of cash. Recent trends have indicated that attacks are more likely to happen in these remote regions as there is typically a low police presence, various escape routes with low traffic congestion and easy access to motorways.  The problem is further exacerbated when members of the public get injured in the event of an attack on CIT performing cash services or when there is substantial collateral damage to the Post Office or Supermarket where the ATM is housed. These attacks can range from armed robberies during the replenishment process, using explosives or by vehicle ram-raids to gain access to the cash. The regulation and control of IBNS (Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation …

How Cash-in-Transit Companies are attacked and how to stop it from happening

Feerica Articles, CIT Protection

Cash-in-Transit heists are organized criminal operations, executed with military-style planning and precision. Over the past 30 years there have been many different types of attacks on CIT service providers around the world. In some cases, these attacks lead to severe violence which not only puts the CIT crew and public bystanders’ lives at risk but also leads to substantial collateral damage.  The ProblemDue to the growing volumes of cash required in today’s cash supply chain, it makes CIT operators attractive targets for criminals. It is therefore imperative that CIT service providers are prepared for this ongoing risk. Most CIT companies use armoured vehicles with intelligent exit & entry doors in conjunction with drop safes and cubicles inside these vehicles where the cash is kept. Some CIT operators in certain countries are permitted by governing law to use firearms for protection but this often results in aggravating the problem as it increases the level of intensity of attacks from criminals who are also heavily armed. These criminal syndicates generally work in large teams and occasionally recruit corrupt CIT staff as part of their organization to assist them with large heists.  The Solution There are many different types of cash movements and country …