ATM’s are only the final part of a complex logistic chain that requires constant cash movements. Other stages of the process are also sensitive to criminal activities, including the loading of ATMs with cash by CIT’s – this process has different operational procedures but, in most cases, require that large amounts of money be transferred from Commercial Bank cash centers to ATM’s. There are also daily cash movements for Retailers when cash is either delivered or collected to and from Retailers or Post Offices.
These critical processes are highly exposed to criminal threats and leads to serious security and safety concerns. Increased physical security and the use of firearms by criminals against CIT operators can often increase the level of attacks resulting not only in loss of assets but loss of life



The only way to solve this problem is demotivating criminals by neutralising the cash.

Besides protecting the ATM’s against attacks, IBNS can also provide valuable protection for CIT staff during End-to-End operations. Using Intelligent Cash Protection Technology provided by Feerica ensures safe working conditions for CIT crews and members of the public as the money is destroyed when a robbery is in progress or shortly after the attack. As with SmartStain ATM protection, Feerica have advanced technology to combat attacks on Cash-In-Transit operators. In the End-to-End concept, the cassettes are transported inside a cash box that ensures the proper protection and has the ability to activate the dye protection system in the event of an attempted robbery. This way, the cassettes can be protected at the ATM, during the transportation of the pavement and even inside the armored vehicle if desired.

Using modern technology like GPS tracking and advanced on-line web portal capability, the Feerica cash boxes can be tracked real-time and remotely activated if required. The technology is user friendly and does not require complex procedures to be put in place. The system can be easily adapted to any CIT requirements and/or operational environments. The Feerica solution allows multiple gains in CIT operational efficiency, works perfectly with expensive or inexpensive vehicle fleets and is highly reliable and practically maintenance free. 



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