Feerica’s management team is made up of highly motivated leaders who create a dynamic work environment whilst building a successful business committed to making the world a safer place.

Paulo Duarte

Joint Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Paulo was appointed as the Joint CEO of Feerica in 2008 after spending 14 years in the automotive industry specializing in the field of Sales & Aftersales. With a mechanical engineering background and vast experience in innovation and sales, he heads this world class organization with passion and integrity. Paulo has in-depth knowledge of the global Intelligent Cash Protection Industry and coupled with his experience in technical sales and R&D he drives a strategy of quality products with quick time to market. Over the past 12 years, Paulo has become a worldwide reference in the protection of cash in the Banking and ATM Security industry.

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Nuno Abrantes

Joint Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Nuno was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Feerica Group in 1993. He has almost 30 years’ experience in the CIT, Banking and ATM security sector spanning over R&D, Marketing and Technical Sales. During his career he has worked closely with police, central banks, commercial banks and leading industry associations around the world to identify the multiple risks with-in the cash environment. With his dedicated team they have developed proven, comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to Feerica’s clients and under his leadership have grown Feerica into a world class business with unmatched technology.

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Business Development Europe

Marcel is a sales and business development professional with more than 25 years’ experience in the ATM, commercial bank and cash handling & optimisation business sector. He started his career as an ATM product specialist predominantly in the area of ATM infrastructure connectivity, transaction processing and ATM application software engineering. Marcel has worked for various ATM vendors, payments software, cash-in-transit and security companies Internationally. He is an expert in the field of ATM security and Intelligent Banknote Neutralization Systems (IBNS).

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Rui Pereira

R&D Director

ATM security expert with 21 years of experience in ATM industry. Having ATM technology background from working in two relevant ATM vendors, Rui joined Feerica in 2001 were he played different roles in multiple projects around ATM and Banking security, being directly involved in IBNS technology deployment in ATM’s since 2006. In 2010 Rui becomes member of the R&D team created to develop Smartstain – an innovative and ambitious IBNS technology architecture that was created to set up new efficiency and effectiveness standards in IBNS industry. With Smartstain, Feerica become a worldwide reference in the industry and Rui is directly involved in Smartstain expansion in multiple markets around the world, gaining vast experience on ATM and CIT protection. Today serving as R&D Team Leader, Rui and his team of high skilled engineers continuously improve Smartstain technologies, combining innovative concepts with powerful cutting edge technology.

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Feerica's team responsible for mechanical development is composed of highly committed and dynamic specialists, who invest their daily work in the initial prototypes, in the elaboration of 2D and 3D manufacturing drawings, in the assembly of ATM's protection systems, among other functions.
The team guarantees professionalism throughout the entire process, thus ensuring the quality of the final product.



Feerica has a highly qualified team that develops technological solutions, composed by the development of hardware, software and firmware components.
The team is dedicated to the research, development and implementation of specific solutions that contribute to the emergence of technological solutions of an innovative nature in order to reach the full satisfaction of our clients.


Area that guarantees all control components, from the receipt of the raw material at the factory, through the quality control during the manufacturing process and after the completion of the same, ensure the entire traceability of the product throughout its manufacturing process.



Feericas production area is composed by the best professionals and the highest quality machinery. In order for the final result to exceed the expectations of our customers, we dedicate ourselves intensely in every phase, from laser cutting, folding, welding and surface finishing.
The know-how prepares us for the toughest challenges and our innovative approach offers dynamic and creative products.


Area that  develops communication and design strategies which involve identifying and studying the main competing companies and the needs of our target audience in order to provide an effective, efficient and beneficial service for both parties.
This area is dedicated to building the image of the company, strengthening its identity and helping it to position itself in the market.



Area responsible for sales, ensuring the generation of revenue for the company.
It is concerned with getting to know the customers of the company to satisfy their needs and creates the strategies of publicity to define the forms of sales more suitable to reach the target audience.


Area that controls the entry and consumption of raw materials, provides logistical support, manages the use and maintenance of machines and equipment and monitors the productivity levels of the company.
Area responsible for ensuring that the daily operation runs smoothly, with the objective of obtaining the highest production possible by applying the necessary resources.



The range of services provide by Feerica encompasses the design of the solution to its installation and after-sales service.
The credibility and confidence of Feerica are synonymous with the demanding market we are proud to have, including banking institutions, state institutions, industrial groups and others.
Picket Service is available 24 hours a day.


Area that controls treasury, investments and risks, as well as the management of accounts and taxes, the financial planning of the company and the disclosure of its results. The role of the finance department is to ensure that the company can meet its objectives by remaining active and competitive and ensuring not only immediate but long-term profits.



Area that provides support to management, focusing on operational processes and logistics. This area is responsible for the control of revenues and expenses and for the management of routine tasks essential to the operation of the company, such as issuing documents, updating files and attending to suppliers and customers.