Feerica’s ongoing pursuit to deliver state of the art technology to combat criminal activity in the Cash Handling Business sector is driven by above average investment in R&D.

In this ever-changing market we have to stay ahead of criminal initiatives in order to predict future potential risk. We pride ourselves on quick time-to-market with new concepts and continue to develop our technology and products based on in-depth Client engagement by understanding their exact needs and what the overall Industry demands are.

Our product development is built on multi-layer integration, offering complete End-to-End capability and ensuring our customers extract maximum value from their investment.

This continuous investment in R&D has resulted in Feerica providing unmatched world-class products and systems for an ever-changing and demanding industry, today and into the future.



 The Electrotechnical team focus on the development of electronic components, systems and integrated circuits considering the technical and professional quality, aligned with innovation and entrepreneurship.
Feerica was able to gather a team of electronic engineers, capable of actively respond to the latest tools and new technologies used in different sectors of business activity, thus guaranteeing the quality of our products and services, achieving the main objective - the full satisfaction of our clients.



The mechanical engineering is one of the main areas responsible
for projects development. Among other functions, our mechanical team dedicates to the elaboration of detailed technical drawings for the interpretation and representation of equipments.
This function becomes mandatory, since it creates the communication between the creative and the manufacturing team and constitutes the legal and commercial support in the relations with suppliers. Our equipment is carefully designed and prepared by our team, in order to be approved according to the technical standards that meet all the conditions of quality and safety required.



Our Chemical Engineering team works on the creation of several new products and also in the improvement of existing products.
We carry out experiments and tests with various types of materials in order to analyze the relationship between the different chemical agents. Based on these experiences, we create new products and perform quality and resistance tests to define how and in which situations the products can be used with maximum reliability and durability.

All the research work has the main objective of finding new technologies and materials that allow the recycling and handling of the industrial waste, applying all the safety standards and legal regulations.



Thanks to the scientific and technological knowledge acquired by
the Computer Engineering team, we make the best use of each technology and build solutions of high quality and functionality.
We work on the design, planning, development and maintenance of all the computer and information systems.
Computers (servers and workstations), communication infrastructures and a very diverse set of computer applications are integrated.