The lack of operative monitoring is one of the most discussed topics in organizations today. Security companies have to deal with cost effective supervision taking into account risk, loss of control and speed to react.
Often, technical issues are only detected during routine maintenance whilst other problems or inefficiencies are overlooked.
The need for unprecedented security system monitoring capability is critical especially in the Cash Protection Industry today where above average intelligence is required to predict threats.


The entire operation can be monitored online, generating accurate and trustable data and enabling efficient ATM replenishment and management processes. Prerequisites for ATM protected with SmartStain IBNS in E2E Mode:

  • SmartStain Observer enabled for online management, control and GPS tracking.

  • E2E transport bag with GPS and online monitoring.

  • CIT Truck to be fitted with META-Car console for tracking and remote transport bag triggering for improved security.

  • ON-Smart Web portal server  

  • ON-Smart users – Provides customizable profile for access by CIT management services, ATM incident management, Security services, etc. 


ON-Smart technology will allow full online monitoring of all activities (ATM’s & E2E operations) with real time GPS tracking.

SmartStain can be integrated directly with the ATM PC core or become fully online with an optional 3G/4G observer module.

This allows full visibility on system status and immediate service dispatch in case of any technical problems, avoiding aborted services due to previously unknown technical errors.

It is an efficient tool to improve and optimize processes, avoiding false technical errors and allowing for accountability in case of any occurrences. All equipment and processes are managed and therefore auditable, forcing the correct handling of the hardware and reporting on any irregular use or mishandling. On-Smart enables the ability to report on possible fraud and can show armed/disarmed status of cassettes inside the ATM’s being monitored.

The real time GPS tracking provides additional protection for CIT transport during Cross-pavement movements as well as in CIT vehicles ensuring overall E2E operations management.


ON-Smart provides a simple and effective daily IBNS control through full remote operations management and real time monitoring:

  • The application is based in Web browser technology, requiring no software installation

  • All data is encrypted with security algorithms according to the most demanding industry standards

  • No impact on the operational use

  • Centralized database includes full history log that can be used to audit any case, incident or suspicious behavior

  • By monitoring cases and ATMs hardware status it’s possible to avoid technical issues and optimize operations