ATM Protection


The high number of ATM equipment, it’s geographical spread and the high amounts of cash stored in each machine constitute a large risk exposure. ATM machines are currently one of the most attractive targets for both violent and intelligent attacks through several methods and techniques.

These methods are categorized as either Physical Attacks or Logical Attacks and are defined as follows:


Physical attacks

To date, the strategy to protect ATM machines is based on the use of physical protection measures including the use of strong categorized safes, anchoring, timing systems, CCTV & alarms and occasionally, physical human guarding. However, if the cash contents of these devices are not made useless prior or during an attack, there will always be the incentive to attempt criminal activity.
These activities include all types of physical attacks for example ram-raids, grinding and cutting tools attacks and more aggressively, the use of gas or solid explosives.


Logical attacks

Logical theft of valuable media refers to the category of crimes that are used to steal cash from an ATM using methods which do not physically breach the ATM safe. This method of attack has become more popular in recent years. It requires very little resource and smaller teams of individuals using modern equipment to exploit the internal systems of the ATM to unlawfully remove the cash from the ATM.
Since 2012, there has been a substantial increase in the frequency and success rate of these attacks and the various ATM deployers, Financial institutions, manufacturers and  industry bodies have already identified this problem as a Global trend.
The key risk of this type attack is that multiple ATM’s can be breached simultaneously and therefore associated financial losses can be substantial.



The only effective way to protect ATM’s against attacks is by creating a deterrent effect. By marking the bank notes, criminals will not benefit from their attacks, having no incentive to attack again. Increasing physical security is not a viable solution as attackers will find other innovative ways to gain access to the cash, developing even more dangerous techniques that will inevitably create more violence, fuelling the overall problem. 

The need for Intelligent Banknote Neutralization Systems (IBNS) is therefore imperative as it protects valuables against unauthorized access to its contents by rendering it unusable. The neutralization of banknotes using indelible inks appears as an innovative strategy for protection, thus moving away from the usual concept of physical security, leading to the path of electronic security. This will differ from the use of heavy and expensive systems. 

The Feerica SmartStain system protects ATM’s from all types of attacks including cutting, grinding, ram-raids and explosives. SmartStain irreversibly marks the banknotes with a colored and indelible ink that will leave a solid trail behind those who try to transact stolen cash and at the same time feeding the criminal investigations in search of those responsible.