The neutralization of banknotes using ink appears as a different strategy for protection, thus moving away from the usual concept of physical security, leading to the path of electronic security. This will avoid the use of heavy and expensive systems that will not always protects against the most aggressive attempts of assault, paving the way for lighter systems that are less expensive and whose capacity exceeds the previous response.

This type of ink solution provides efficient protection against current techniques of physical attacks to ATMs, irreversibly marking the banknotes with a coloured and indelible ink that will leave a solid trail behind those who try to transact stolen cash and at the same time feeding the criminal investigations in search of those responsible. This will provide a huge deterrent to ATM attacks.


  • Effective protection against current attack techniques
  • Available for all ATM machines
  • High crime deterrent
  • Excellent vehicle for criminal investigation
  • Banknotes unattractive for criminals
  • Easy deployment and management
  • Effective reduction in the number of attacks · No impact on the operational use
  • Good acceptance by the Central Banks



IBNS are acknowledge to be e ective in ATM protection and crime deterrent but there operation typically rely in strict standard operation procedures to minimize CIT and Branch sta mistakes and mishandling that proves to be ine ective. With Smartdoor patented technology IBNS operation has become simple and transparent – Smartdoor is able to physically prevent the access to cassettes before they are completely disarmed and ready to be manipulated. Although very simple, Smartdoor unique concept results are impressive – eld experience clearly demonstrate that Smartdoor is truly e ective in eliminate all daily mishandling activations, setting new industry standards in reliability, maintenance costs and worry free operation.

Smartstain Components and Compatibility


Most ATM’s are replenished by CIT companies – this process has different operational procedures but in all cases it requires that huge amounts of money be transferred from cash centers to ATM’s. This critical process is highly exposed to criminal activities and requires extended security and safety concerns. 
Beyond protecting the ATM’s against attacks, IBNS can provide a valuable protection during CIT operations through End-to-end protection – Reloaded ATM cassettes coming from cash center can be protected by inside Smartstain IBNS during the entire process stages. 
End-to-end protection monetizes all the investment done in ATM protection extending IBNS protection to CIT operations, in an inexpensive and efective way.



This innovative solution provides to any Smartstain IBNS system the capacity to have real time communications with centralized webserver, allowing real time monitoring and full remote management.
The solution is also equipped with GPS, providing real time remote tracking and automatic alarm noti cation in case of attack and unauthorized displacement of the machine. 
With this solution daily IBNS management is simple and e ective – any relevant occurrence will be immediately reported to centralized server and automatic noti cations are generated according to event type. 
With this solution DNA management is fully automatic and transparent – each machine will report in real time the serial and status of each cassette in use – no additional procedures are required by CIT or bank sta to track and manage cassette location. 
All the systems can be easily managed with in centralized web server through intuitive and simple to use web pages.



Attacks on ATM machines with the use of gas are increasingly frequent and manifestly destructive effects on the machines and adjacent spaces resulting in substantial material damage and the resulting functional breaks no less expensive. In order to combat this type of attack Fey developed a system capable of nullifying the explosive atmosphere generated by the gas thus preventing its outbreak. This system prevents the destructive effects of the explosion and together with the latest protection technology through ATMs of notes by maculation ink responds effectively to any type of attack.