Feerica at MONEX Europe, Warsaw

Feerica News

The 10 KEY BUSINESS, OPERATIONAL AND SECURITY BENEFITS of Feerica’s SMARTSTAIN solution platform providing customers lower cost of operations, increased ease of operation and a higher level of security:

  1. A solution design minimizing operational errors and increasing ease of operations
  2. Proven reduction of ‘False Positives’ towards ZERO
  3. Providing optimal flexibility to support any modus operandum and/or required security levels, just by remote software configuration
  4. Providing adequate and effective cash degradation protection for ATM attacks such as gas and solid explosion, ram-raids, torching, grinding, black-box and other attacks
  5. Effective reduction in the number of attacks, no impact on the operational use
  6. Providing Realtime/Online system monitoring, traceability as well as systems management functions through a fully configurable, multi-language, multi-tenant but easy and intuitive web portal interface
  7. Providing stolen cash and/or ATM cassette traceability capabilities
  8. Easy deployment and centralized management of all ATM cassette assets
  9. Providing products for all ATM brands and ATM models with cash out, cash in and/or cash recycling capabilities
  10. Having extremely low maintenance costs by design with extended product warranty and support up till 8 years of error free operation, eliminating unforeseen operational costs

Please visit us at the Monex Europe event at the Hilton hotel in Warsaw, booth #6 to know more about our IBNS solutions.