The success of IBNS technology is partly dependent on the quality and performance of the Ink used in the system. The requirements for security ink for Intelligent Banknote Neutralization Systems are highly demanding as there are a vast number of different banknote substrates and protective coatings used on bank notes around the world today. Different materials are used in the production of bank notes and vary from Country to Country. 

Feerica SmartStain uses only SICPA Security Ink – SICPA is a leading Swiss Technology Company who specialize in developing and supplying the IBNS Industry with the most trusted and accredited security ink available in the market. SICPA inks are tested and approved by numerous independent organizations including certification labs, central banks and several international police forces. 

With over 20 years’ experience in Staining ink development, SICPA offers security ink suitable for each country’s currency ranging from cotton-based notes to polymer and hybrid substrates. All materials used are non-toxic and are in full compliance with health, safety and environmental legislations. 

SmartStain inks cannot be washed or removed from stolen notes



For more than a decade, Feerica have undergone various product testing and Industry regulatory certification procedures with great success. Today, the Feerica SmartStain solution is being used in more than 60.000 ATM Cassettes in various parts of the World including Portugal, France, Spain, Balkan, Belgium, Netherlands, Uruguay, Chile, parts of Africa and Malaysia. SmartStain also carry endorsements from various ATM manufacturers. SmartStain is unlike any other system in the market and achieves the following criteria:

1.   Minimize the chance of human errors by applying simple intuitive operating handling;

2.   SmartStain strive for ZERO “False Positives” with no hidden operational costs;

3.   Enabling full flexibility in operational management built on remote software update capability;

4.   Ensuring effective cash degradation during all types of ATM attacks;

5.   Adequate prevention against withdrawal stained notes after a legitimate activation of the ink system;

6.   Providing Real-time/Online system monitoring traceability as well as system management functions through a fully configurable, multi language, multi-tenant but easy and intuitive web portal interface;

7.   Easy deployment and centralized management of all ATM cassette assets – in ATM as well as in the End-to-End cash cycle;

8.   Providing traceability of stolen cash and/or ATM Cassettes;

9.   SmartStain offers protection for all types of cash dispensing, cash accepting or recycling machines;

10.   Proven low maintenance and operational costs with guaranteed battery life for up to 8 years of error free operation.

Stained Banknotes
minimum staining coverage
More than 20%

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IBNS is therefore accepted by the banking and security industry as being one of the most effective deterrents for overall ATM protection and have proven to deter criminal activities around the world. 
The system includes one security door – SmartDoor® –  that is installed in the front of the cash handler module, blocking access to the cassettes inside the ATM cash handle module in accordance to system status (armed or disarmed). This unit is equipped with a touch screen LCD display and interfaces easily with the user, showing all the relevant data and system status in real time. This patented door is a very important feature of the system as it prevents false positive neutralization triggers due to CIT or bank branch staff mishandling the ATM cassettes. 

The SmartDoor® communicates wirelessly with all the cassettes inside of the ATM ensuring no user errors in arming or disarming of the system when legitimate openings and closings of the ATM is performed. The SmartStain system will automatically arm and disarm if the ATM safe door is opened or closed in accordance to the operational procedures that is defined by the Banking or ATM Client. 
Each cassette is fitted with an electronic ink module inside the lid that can detect any unauthorized attempt to access the cash. The SmartStain ink modules are easily installed in the cassettes, compact in size and extremely durable and effective against aggressive attacks like bombings and ram-raids.

smartstain systems developed and installed on the following cassette models: