Most ATM’s are replenished by CIT companies – this process has different operation procedures but in all cases require that huge amounts of money be transferred from cash center to ATM’s. This critical process is highly exposed to criminal activities and requires extended and series security and safety concerns.

Beside protection the ATM’s against attacks, IBNS can provide a valuable protection during CIT operations through End-to-end protection – Reloaded ATM cassettes coming from cash center can be protected by inside Smartstain IBNS during the entire process stages.

End-to-end protection monetizes all the investment done in ATM protection extending IBNS protection to CIT operations, in an inexpensive and effective way.


Effective solutions that can fight back without jeopardize the most valuable asset, human live, are required. To increase the challenge, the market is becoming more competitive day by day, and cost effectiveness is no longer an optional.
As in ATM protection , deny the profit from CIT attacks are know to be the best and more effective deterrent agent available today . Smartstain technology in End-to-End operation is able to archive that by effective protecting cassettes during the different stages of the process, providing advanced features like online monitoring and real time GPS tracking. The technology is user friendly and does not require complex procedures - the system can be easily adapted to any CIT requirements and operation environments.



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