Why do our customers continue investing in SmartStain technology?

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The successful protection of cash in the End-to-End cash cycle is an extremely challenging task due to the vast number of threats being faced daily. These threats on ATM’s and Cash Transporters range from various types of physical attacks to cleverly executed logical attacks. The criminal mind constantly seeks new ways to manipulate and override existing technology implemented by the various banks and CIT’s available today. 

The negative socioeconomic impact on remote towns and rural villages from attacks on their ATM’s can be detrimental as residents rely on that availability of cash. Recent trends have indicated that attacks are more likely to happen in these remote regions as there is typically a low police presence, various escape routes with low traffic congestion and easy access to motorways. 

The problem is further exacerbated when members of the public get injured in the event of an attack on CIT performing cash services or when there is substantial collateral damage to the Post Office or Supermarket where the ATM is housed. These attacks can range from armed robberies during the replenishment process, using explosives or by vehicle ram-raids to gain access to the cash.

The regulation and control of IBNS (Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation Systems) are generally governed by the various Central and Federal Reserve Banks in the countries where it is used. The note staining requirements are typically defined by these institutions and each country have different regulations pertaining to:

  1. the type and colour of ink used in their IBNS devices, 
  2. the required percentage of note surface covered with IBNS ink,
  3. whether additional identification technology, for example, inorganic taggants and special DNA markers are required. 

Some countries do not permit any form of note degradation due to the high cost and logistic implications of replacing the recovered stained notes with new notes. Note staining technology is also difficult to implement in countries where the currency values are too low and requires large quantities of ink to stain the notes sufficiently. Typically, these countries rely on the use of armed CIT’s that use big cash carrying containers transported in large armoured vehicles.

The success of IBNS technology used to combat cash crimes is very much dependent on the level of public awareness created by the regulatory authorities in each country. Strong marketing campaigns promoting the mantra that “A STAINED NOTE IS MOST LIKELY A STOLEN NOTE”, is vital.

Today there are various types of note degradation systems available to protect cash in vulnerable situations. Those include, 

  1. IBNS ink systems that mark the notes with ink that cannot be washed from the notes, 
  2. Glue systems that bond the notes together, 
  3. Polyurethane systems that envelop the notes in foam and 
  4. Heat destruction systems that burn the notes beyond recognition.

All these different type technologies have proven to deter cash crimes in some instances but the global success of IBNS Ink systems exceeds those of other systems where notes can still be identified after an activation. Systems using glue or burning technology poses dangerous health and safety risks and also complicates the reconciliation processing of notes glued or destroyed in the event of false or accidental activations.  

Feerica’s SmartStain product portfolio offers complete End-to-End intelligent cash protection and transparent control as this technology is built on the following principles:

  1. SmartStain ensures the complete and seamless synergy between ATM and CIT equipment as the hardware and the software within the solution is designed to function without any change required in daily operations.
  2. SmartStain offers seamless integration into multi-platform infrastructure with existing CIT vehicles, locking mechanisms, CCTV, site alarms and monitoring systems.
  3. SmartStain uses the best SICPA indelible, traceable, and detectable inks tailored to individual country requirements with effective visual branding to ensure awareness to both criminals and the public.
  4. SmartStain technology ensures clients the best ROI as SmartStain product’ lifecycle is guaranteed up to 8 years and the lowest TCO due to very low maintenance requirements.
  5. The ON-Smart web portal provides complete visibility, manageability and interactive control of all systems ensuring that you are protected against all types of attacks always keeping you one step ahead of the criminal mind. 

SmartStain is more than just another IBNS system. It is complete ATM and CIT cash protection technology that meets your requirements both in functionality and price.  

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