Feerica celebrates its renewed identity

Feerica News

The year 2020 was a remarkable year for everyone as will 2021 be as well. Jointly fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic has given all of us a complete different perspective on our society and on the way we work with our customers.

Despite some minor changes in how we approach our customers, more on-line instead of on-site, all our colleagues have been to able to sustain its way of doing business and have been able to continue supporting its customers with the same commitment and dedication as our customer are used to. We are proud that our whole team have shown its enormous flexibility and has adapted itself towards this ‘new’ world and maintained the right focus serving our customers in the best possible way which is highly appreciated by our customers.

Based on this excellent work by our whole team during this difficult period, Feerica has been able to expand its customer base and is currently supporting more customers in more countries around the world.

It is our clear intention to keep on strengthening our relationships with customers in this renewed way of working.

Working in close cooperation with our customers and teaming up with them providing them the best in class solutions to meet their business needs, improve their security levels and reach higher levels of operational efficiency, is exactly our mantra.
To signal this ‘new era’, Feerica will now be presenting itself with a renewed identity to reflect its solid increasing and diversified customer base and the growing number of product-offers, customer projects, and enhanced support services.

As part of our renewed identity we upgraded our identity using a shield in our logo inspired not only by the universal symbol of security but also by the first Portuguese shield, which highlights the origin of our company. It reflects Feerica’s achievements of the last 40 years and its maturity in the market as well as it symbolizes our vision towards the future and the goals we want to achieve.