ATMIA US Conference 2022, in Orlando, Florida.

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These last few days have been exciting for our CEO Nuno Sampayo Abrantes and our R&D Director Rui Pereira at the ATMIA US Conference 2022, in Orlando, Florida.You still have time to visit us today at booth #524 / #526 and have a chat about how you can effectively protect your ATM against all kinds of attacks with our revolutionary #SmartStain technology 🛡💶 

Innovation award from Millennium BCP

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Today we received the Innovation award from Millennium bcp, our first Smartstain customer since 2012! Congratulations to our Engineering team! Thank you #Millenniumbcp for continuing to protect your #ATM business with us and for continuing to fund our developments and innovations for the world of our Customers! Together we are stronger in protecting the continuity of our business!Thank you!

January 2022, Malaysia

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In 2019 Malaysian ATM deployers implemented SmartStain protection technology on their ATM estate. After the introduction of SmartStain technology the criminals have only attacked an ATM once attempting to get access to cash using explosives. Fortunately, the ATM was protected with Smartstain protection technology which irreversibly stained 100% of all banknotes completely taking out the reward for the criminals. Due to not gaining any reward the criminals lost interest and with criminal attempts to attack ATMs have not occurred anymore. Once again, the SmartStain system has proven its effectiveness and shown excellent results within a real criminal ATM environment. Smartstain was providing maximum crime deterrence as well as leaving the right forensic trails for further crime investigation by law enforcement agencies. Mission Accomplished 🛡️ #feerica#cashprotection#cash#smartstain#protection#successcase

November 2018, Uruguay

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In the past years Uruguay was burdened under a significant amount of explosion attack, more than 60 ATM attacks per year with a lot of collateral damages meanwhile customers could not be served by the banks for a longer period.ATM deployers decided to implement SmartStain ATM protection on their ATMs. Not only the SmartStain system showed a superb cash staining performance, with 100% of the banknotes being stained and each banknote stained with more than 20%, it also demonstrated to be very effective in taking out the reward for criminals. The criminals lost interest and stopped attacking the ATMs protected with the SmartStain system. Due to SmartStain the explosion attack dropped from more than 60 per year to ZERO in the past years. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022

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Thank you all for your partnership and continuous support.The Feerica team wishes you Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.We are looking forward working with you again in 2022 🎄

RBR BSEC 2021, London

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After very intensive weeks of constant traveling, our business development team is having a well deserved rest.Rui Pereira and Bruno Ricardo will represent Feerica at RBR BSEC 2021, taking place in Park Plaza, London Riverbank.You are welcome to join us at booth 10 to check the latest developments in ATM Security Technology.Hope to see you there!

Providing an adequate protection against criminal ATM attacks is key

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Since the introduction of the ATM, criminals are making continuous attempts to get cash out of ATMs. In several cases these attempts have shown to be successful and for that reason criminals have never stopped attempting to attack ATMs and continue to try new modus operandi to get access to the cash in the ATM. As consequence, ATM deployers have repeatedly been taking countermeasures based on the modus operandum applied by criminals during the most recent ATM attacks. This has led for ATM deployers entering a rat-race of applying defensive measures to prevent criminals to be successful in each new modus operandum. While on the other hand criminals rapidly developing new modus operandi to bypass these defensive measures and with success. The development and deployment of each of these single countermeasures are costly but will only provide protection for one type of modus operandum only. The criminals attacking the ATMs are continuously looking for alternative ways to get cash out of ATM by bypassing these measures deployed by ATM deployers and thus a single countermeasure will protect only for a short period of time. Countermeasures like higher grade ATM safes, additional sensors, mechanical blocks inside the ATM cash dispenser, smoke …

Feerica has achieved the INOVADORA COTEC 2021 Statute.

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A great recognition for the high standards of financial strength, innovation skills and economic performance. The purpose of the INOVADORA COTEC Statute is to distinguish companies with superior performance in the market. We are extremely pleased with this recognition. It again reflects the excellent team work and therefore a well-deserved achievement for the whole Feerica team.