Intelligent Active ATM Protection vs. Passive ATM Protection

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The Oxford definition of the words Intelligent and Active is: “Intelligent – the ability to learn, understand and think in a logical way about things; Active – is the capability of modifying its state or characteristics automatically in response to input or feedback”.

This is exactly what Feerica’s SmartStain ATM Protection technology is all about as it is constantly learning and understanding the threats that surrounds it and therefore protects accordingly.

The Problem

There are many different ways to attack a cash point machine. These attacks range from traditional physical attacks like cutting, grinding, drilling, ram-raids and the use of either gas or solid explosives. These types of attacks are performed with speed and accuracy with no regard for collateral damage or injury to innocent bystanders. Logical ATM attacks include the use of malware to manipulate the ATM to dispense cash unlawfully. Passive ATM protection systems are plastic bottles that house the ink inside the ATM cassette lids and they lay dormant until such time as there is a tremulous force that ruptures the bottles to release the inks on to the bank notes. Due to the unpredictable nature of explosions, passive ink bottles cannot guarantee success of 100% coverage on all the notes if and when ruptured. There are several external factors that determine the success of passive ink systems including the strength of the blast, the type of safe used around the ATM and the position of the cassette at time of attack.

Passive protection systems are therefore not capable to offer protection against any other forms of physical or logical attacks than that of explosion attacks.  

The Solution 

Feerica’s intelligent active SmartStain ATM protection system protects ATMs against all types of physical and logical attacks as it comprises of electronic componentry that continuously monitors and observes any criminal actions. When an ATM is attacked, the system deploys its inks into the notes making them completely useless. SmartStain have proven to be successful in markets where physical attacks occur and where explosive attack methods are common. With proven total cost of ownership, SmartStain remains to be the most innovative, future proof and cost-effective technology available today. Feerica also offers the ability to expand the layers of protection beyond the ATM with their complete End-to-End solutions protecting the cash not only inside the ATM but also when it is being transported between cash centre, CIT and ATM location.  

Top ten key advantages of SmartStain vs. Passive ATM Protection Systems:

1. SmartStain is certified and approved for the protection of explosion attacks by independent and central bank appointed certification laboratories for both gas and solid explosives in Portugal, Spain, Malaysia, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Greece and The Netherlands.

2. SmartStain is certified and endorsed by leading ATM Vendors for both cash dispense and cash recycling technology including Diebold Nixdorf, NCR, OKI, Fujitsu, Glory, GRG and Hitachi.

3. SmartStain’s total cost of ownership (TCO) outperforms any of its competitors as it offers up to 8 years’ worry-free protection and do not require regular maintenance cycles.

4. SmartStain’s patented SmartDoor ensures zero false activations during normal ATM operation as well as in End-to-End operation.

5. The R&D behind SmartStain is continuously advanced by vigorous testing in laboratory environments. These tests include solid and gas explosion techniques used by attackers in various parts of the world where ATM attacks are a common occurrence. More than 30 successful explosion tests have been conducted on SmartStain with more than 250.000 banknotes destroyed successfully.

SmartStain results following explosive attack. 100% coverage with min 30% average coverage of each note surface.

6. Unlike Passive ATM Protection systems, SmartStain can protect the ATM against all types of attacks thanks to its advanced electronics that can detect what type of attack is taking place. 

7. SmartStain reduces its carbon footprint by using less ink than Passive ATM Protection systems and uses pressure generators to inject the ink into the notes with high pressure. This ensures 100% staining of all notes held inside the cassettes with a guaranteed minimum coverage area of 30%. Note coverage as high as 30% – 40% on each side of the notes have been achieved during tests and actual attacks on ATMs fitted with SmartStain. 

8. SmartStain does not reduce the load capacity of ATM cassettes nor does it limit any standard cassette functionalities as each individual system is meticulously designed to fit with-in the available spaces of the various cassettes.

9. SmartStain reduces CIT operational costs due to its integrated functionality and offers complete End-to-End capability with real-time asset traceability, operational control and device management.

10. With SmartStain, ATM cassettes can be managed remotely using the Feerica ON-Smart portal specifically designed for the most demanding ATM operations no matter where in the world you are.

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