Door-i-a revolutionizes the concept of safety door, combining several innovative features into versatile equipment and adaptable to numerous applications where safety is paramount. 
Using the most recent manufacturing technologies, this model guarantees high resistance against intrusion ( Grade3 ), fire and flame arresters, incorporating thermal and acoustic insulation internal and external, which gives it exceptional comfort of use. 
The Door-i-a is customizable, being available with wood or lacquer finish to choose.



With the experience accumulated over recent years feerica designed a door extremely versatile, which responds to a wide range of applications and concerns using an innovative mechanical and electronical solution. The security features associated with the aesthetic sense and its easy installation grant to this door a huge potential. This product includes some technical solutions that ensure high reliability without the needs for frequent maintenance. It can be installed outside of buildings such as banking, pharmacies, condominiums, shops, etc. .. as well as inside offices or areas where access is required to be controlled.