SMARTSTAIN EVE tested and certified by the laboratory of CNPP

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Again Feerica has successfully passed the CNPP certification in France with the most recent EVE generation of the SmartStain technology on multiple ATM and cassette types.Feerica is very proud of this achievement which reflects the success of our products and the hard work of our team over the past years.

Why do our customers continue investing in SmartStain technology?

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The successful protection of cash in the End-to-End cash cycle is an extremely challenging task due to the vast number of threats being faced daily. These threats on ATM’s and Cash Transporters range from various types of physical attacks to cleverly executed logical attacks. The criminal mind constantly seeks new ways to manipulate and override existing technology implemented by the various banks and CIT’s available today.  The negative socioeconomic impact on remote towns and rural villages from attacks on their ATM’s can be detrimental as residents rely on that availability of cash. Recent trends have indicated that attacks are more likely to happen in these remote regions as there is typically a low police presence, various escape routes with low traffic congestion and easy access to motorways.  The problem is further exacerbated when members of the public get injured in the event of an attack on CIT performing cash services or when there is substantial collateral damage to the Post Office or Supermarket where the ATM is housed. These attacks can range from armed robberies during the replenishment process, using explosives or by vehicle ram-raids to gain access to the cash. The regulation and control of IBNS (Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation …

Intelligent Active ATM Protection vs. Passive ATM Protection

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The Oxford definition of the words Intelligent and Active is: “Intelligent – the ability to learn, understand and think in a logical way about things; Active – is the capability of modifying its state or characteristics automatically in response to input or feedback”. This is exactly what Feerica’s SmartStain ATM Protection technology is all about as it is constantly learning and understanding the threats that surrounds it and therefore protects accordingly. The Problem There are many different ways to attack a cash point machine. These attacks range from traditional physical attacks like cutting, grinding, drilling, ram-raids and the use of either gas or solid explosives. These types of attacks are performed with speed and accuracy with no regard for collateral damage or injury to innocent bystanders. Logical ATM attacks include the use of malware to manipulate the ATM to dispense cash unlawfully. Passive ATM protection systems are plastic bottles that house the ink inside the ATM cassette lids and they lay dormant until such time as there is a tremulous force that ruptures the bottles to release the inks on to the bank notes. Due to the unpredictable nature of explosions, passive ink bottles cannot guarantee success of 100% coverage on all the notes if …

How Cash-in-Transit Companies are attacked and how to stop it from happening

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Cash-in-Transit heists are organized criminal operations, executed with military-style planning and precision. Over the past 30 years there have been many different types of attacks on CIT service providers around the world. In some cases, these attacks lead to severe violence which not only puts the CIT crew and public bystanders’ lives at risk but also leads to substantial collateral damage.  The ProblemDue to the growing volumes of cash required in today’s cash supply chain, it makes CIT operators attractive targets for criminals. It is therefore imperative that CIT service providers are prepared for this ongoing risk. Most CIT companies use armoured vehicles with intelligent exit & entry doors in conjunction with drop safes and cubicles inside these vehicles where the cash is kept. Some CIT operators in certain countries are permitted by governing law to use firearms for protection but this often results in aggravating the problem as it increases the level of intensity of attacks from criminals who are also heavily armed. These criminal syndicates generally work in large teams and occasionally recruit corrupt CIT staff as part of their organization to assist them with large heists.  The Solution There are many different types of cash movements and country …

How ATM’s are attacked and how to stop it from happening

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These are the statistics and the harsh reality of the situation today. At Feerica, we believe we have the solutions to assist in stopping this global problem. We produce high-tech Intelligent Banknote Neutralization Systems (IBNS) for Commercial Banks, IADs, ATM’s and the Cash-In-Transit (CIT) business sector. Since 1982 our approach to the cash protection industry is one of providing solutions to problems. The ProblemThe increasing number of ATM equipment, its geographic spread and the large amounts of cash stored in each machine constitutes a substantial exposure to risk. They are one of the most attractive targets for violent attacks through several methods and techniques which include both physical and logical attacks.  Physical attacks include the use of gas and solid explosives, drilling, grinding and ram-raids on cash point machines to gain access to the cash contents. Physical attacks have increased in popularity and have evolved over time as the tools needed are easy to come by and are typically performed in regions where there is a low police presence or quick access to escape routes. These type of attacks have been known to happen shortly after ATM’s are serviced or replenished over month-end periods. Criminals often work in collusion with internal …

Feerica at MONEX Europe, Warsaw

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The 10 KEY BUSINESS, OPERATIONAL AND SECURITY BENEFITS of Feerica’s SMARTSTAIN solution platform providing customers lower cost of operations, increased ease of operation and a higher level of security: A solution design minimizing operational errors and increasing ease of operations Proven reduction of ‘False Positives’ towards ZERO Providing optimal flexibility to support any modus operandum and/or required security levels, just by remote software configuration Providing adequate and effective cash degradation protection for ATM attacks such as gas and solid explosion, ram-raids, torching, grinding, black-box and other attacks Effective reduction in the number of attacks, no impact on the operational use Providing Realtime/Online system monitoring, traceability as well as systems management functions through a fully configurable, multi-language, multi-tenant but easy and intuitive web portal interface Providing stolen cash and/or ATM cassette traceability capabilities Easy deployment and centralized management of all ATM cassette assets Providing products for all ATM brands and ATM models with cash out, cash in and/or cash recycling capabilities Having extremely low maintenance costs by design with extended product warranty and support up till 8 years of error free operation, eliminating unforeseen operational costs Please visit us at the Monex Europe event at the Hilton hotel in Warsaw, booth #6 to know more about our IBNS solutions.

ATMIA Kuala Lumpur 2019

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Come visit us at ATMIA Shangri-La, Kuala Lumpur – Booth #2, and know more about our products Smartstain, Smartbox and Meta. Together we can discuss better solutions for your business.


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ATEFI (Asociación Latinoamericana de Redes de Transferencia Electrónica de Fondos e Información) invited Feerica to participate in the second edition of the ATEFI Seguridad en Medios Electrónicos de Pago (ASMP2019), which took place from 23 to 25 October 2019 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.In this international event, we discussed topics related to security, logic and cybernetics in electronic payment channels and new technologies associated with payment methods.The event included leading environmental professionals and members of the police, forces and international security agencies. It was a great pleasure for Feerica to participate again in such an extraordinary event. Thank you all for all the support.


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Thank you Rome and thanks to all ATMIA organization for this important event.There were interesting discussions and presentations and It was a great pleasure to introduce our products.It has been an unique opportunity also to see a live exhibition from many producers.  See you next time!


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An EAST FCS ATM Physical Attacks Seminar was held on 9th October 2019 in London, co-located with RBRs ATM & Cyber Security 2019 Conference. It was a very productive meeting  as we had the opportunity to present a case study with one of our costumers from Uruguay, showing how Smartstain IBNS system was adopted in this market and how successfully it operates, increasing security at all levels of operations. We had the opportunity to be in contact with multiple costumers and listen to some of their concerns about the emerging security needs  and the industry path. Feerica would like to thank the whole team of EAST and everyone who took their time to get to know more about our solutions.   It’s always a pleasure to learn more about the industry while sharing our own experience.