Perla is a full cash management solution for your business that centralizes in one device all operations involving cash validation, counting, guard and cash withdraw, ensuring high levels of security, control, audit and efficiency.  Perla also manages time attendance of your employees, offering all-in-one features in a small compact solution.
Perla is Plug and Play - It requires only a power socket and the equipment is fully operational and ready for use.
The system identifies each users through finger print, allowing the access to operations according to their own user profile.



PERLA MK is designed to be a low-cost backoffice machine for small to medium-sized commercial surfaces. It is a safety equipment, consisting of a 5mm steel safe, which allows to deposit values ​​through an anti-fishing mechanism for a bag with automatic sealing. The entire assembly is protected with an inking system. All of its operation is mechanical, it does not require external power. The inking system is an option, which has power supplied by a small battery with a 3-year battery life.



The system identifies each users through finger print, allowing the access to operations according to their own user profile. 
Having the capability to exchange banknotes and to dispense funds if necessary, Perla reduces the need for large sums of cash available reducing risk exposure and increases security perception of employees. 
All operations are saved and centrally recorded on a secure server, allowing query to all information any time, anywhere.



PMS is a centralized management system that allows you to access information in a simple and efficient way. 
This platform can be accessed through any equipment with web browser (PC, MAC, iOS Mobile, Android Mobile). 
All system management is done through the PMS, from users setup and profiles, authorized plafonds, technical configurations, alarms, safe opening timings, geo-location, notifications and supporting operation. 
All information is stored on a high security encrypted databases with secure communications between the server and Perla. 
Data is safe guarded and properly protected against technical problems, unauthorized access attempts and tampering. 
The PMS allows complete control over your business at distance, in an intuitive, simple and efficient way.


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